A Box Set Of Scriptures Finale


The foundation of this concept starts at Deuteronomy 12:32. It says “What thing soever I command you, observe to do it: thou shall not add thereto, no diminish from it”. The majority will state this. “You are not supposed to add to the bible”. And “you are not supposed to take away from the bible”. The majority who make that statement can’t find the statement in scripture. People only know it by assumption and Hearsay.  The principle is simple. Unfortunately religion has complicated it. Because they don’t understand the bible. 

When you think this all the way through. There are three ways that you can violate scripture.

  1. To do so physically would mean that you would have to republish your own bible and add additional words that changes the context or intention of any given verse. Inside this same process of republishing your own bible you can remove words that also changes the contexts or intention of any given verse. This concludes the entire first way. 
  2. To do so audibly would mean that you verbally insert words that are not there or you verbally remove words that are there. When this happens it obstructs the context and intentions of the given verses. Which concludes the entire second way. 
  3. Doing something in action that the scriptures teaches against is the same as adding to. Not doing something in action that the scriptures teaches is the same as removing or diminishing from it. 

There are so many religions throughout the entire world. Ephesians 4:5 states that there is “One Lord, one faith, one baptism”. This locks out every religion that exist except for one. The only way you can find out which one is right is to go to the book that contains the verse. If you’re looking for answers outside of the book that declares there is only one way you will never find the answer.

A Box Set Of Scriptures


A famous old statement. If what Simple Faith stands for is right and you don’t take your soul serious as to where it ends up for eternity. You won’t look into this. If by chance I am right and the people of the “same faith” are right you’re going to spend your eternity suffering. Take the time to think about your future and how serious of a matter that is. Those who die lost and go to hell. Will die with all of their natural senses in tact.

This means that you will be tired and not be able to rest in a bed as you do in this life. It also means that you will be hungry and not be able to eat food as you do in this life. This means that whatever horror you see with your eyes. In hell there will not be an alternative place for you to go to escape those things that are dreadful to look upon. It also means that whatever horrible smell that you smell with your nose there will not be an alternative place to escape the smell. And the pain you feel stays forever there is no place you can escape. And there is no substance that you can use that can bring relief to that pain. 

If you have any kind of addiction in this life that addiction will stay with you. There won’t be any places that you can go in hell to acquire the substance that temporarily allows you to forget about your problems.  If we are right does hell seem worth it to you? 


If we are right the image right above this section is what you have to look forward to. And of course if we are wrong then nobody on earth has anything to worry about. Many will say this is a fear tactic to try to control. They use this to justify living the way you want while ignoring the eternal consequences. You should be concerned enough to study. And you should want to position yourself so that your end is not destruction. When it comes to your soul, when it comes to a church, when it comes the bible. Make sure that who you deal with show you everything they say in scripture. If they try to make it mean something other than what it says plainly run. Make sure that what they say are in scripture. 

If you don’t study, test and challenge what you believe then you’re likely going to end up in hell. God’s people in 2023 are extremely rare. God’s church in 2023 is extremely rare. In old testament times you had to be in contact with or know someone on the inside if you were to have a chance of getting into the fold of GOD’s people. We live in new testament times and those odds are still the same today. If you go to church in America you should be afraid and you should be concerned. 99.99% of all churches started and founded here in America are false I don’t care what the name is or the title that being used to describe it. 

Satan runs and controls 99.99% of all the churches in America. He does not run or control our church because it’s governed by the HOLY GHOST. You can tell a clear difference between God’s people and everyone else.




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