A Box Set Of Scriptures Part Two


You should want the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When someone says something that you can’t read directly or nearly verbatim in the scriptures be careful. Some people litterally believe that certain things don’t have to be in the bible. The authors of the scriptures, the scribes and translators were under an extreme amount of accountability. Non scripture based terms and definitions; meaning that you can’t see them in scripture or in any translation are okay. As long as those words do not change the context or intentions of what is meant.

The main problems for people when it comes to the Holy Bible is the scriptures inside the book protect the book itself from external contamination. In other words God knew what he was doing. And He knows what he is doing. This means he knows how to protect and preserve his very own word. When God created the way that He created. Everything created has an original purpose and an original intention for what He created and Why! It doesn’t matter if we know all or understand all. What matters is that we operate and live in the manner that is God’s original intention. 

Any time we go against the original intentions of our original purpose things always end badly. You would think that after everything that has happened up to today. We all should have learned by now. We have no excuse. On judgement day there won’t be anything we will be able to say. We won’t be able to say we didn’t know. Because nature itself stands as a witness against us. Don’t let people say whatever they want without being able to show it to you in the scriptures. 

A Box Set Of Scriptures


God is not a respecter of persons: sometimes used in combination especially by those who prefer to avoid man in compounds applicable to both sexes. This means it doesn’t matter what your land of nativity is; what color your skin is. And it doesn’t matter how you were raised. Your education and economic social status doesn’t matter either. God is the creator of all humanity. Anyone who wants to belong to God do so of their own free will. However God has rules and expectations of those whom he claims as His own. He’s sovereign. 

There are only two spirit types! Good and evil. Holy and unholy. Righteousness and unrighteousness. It doesn’t matter the quantity. All trace back to once source. Good and evil trace back to a choice. God gave and gives the commands. Creation was given two choices and only one can be made. The choice to obey or the choice to disobey. After the fall of humanity all are born into sin. We are born with the deck of sin stacked against us because of a choice that was made. Humanity was contaminated with sin a curse was placed upon us all.

You get to choose. If you want to follow God! You start by following a man of God! In addition to following a man of God you’re going to follow a people of God. And both are going to introduce you to God through his word. It takes a hunger and a desire to learn the ways of God. This is not natural to any person. God will draw you to him through his people and through his man. It was this way in the old testament and it is this way in the new testament. This speaks of consistency. 


False churches, believers and religions have the exact same things in common. Their doctrine of salvation is off and wrong. Their doctrine of how to be saved or what you must do to be saved is wrong. If a persons’ doctrine of salvation is wrong or off then their entire belief system/religion is corrupted and if you follow that you will follow it straight to hell. Don’t misunderstand. There are false churches, believers, and religions that have the true doctrine of salvation correct and they believe it accurately but the don’t have the doctrine of holiness which is attached to the doctrine of separation from the world. 

Three doctrines that you should always be looking for are as follows: 

  1. The doctrine of salvation (how to be saved and what you must do to get into God’s kingdom)
  2. The doctrine of holiness (the identity of God’s people that stand out above all other people on the earth)
  3. The doctrine of separation (again speaks to the physical and lifestyle differences between God’s people and the rest of the world)

There are an overwhelming number of doctrines that are attached and associated with the three doctrines mentioned above. Without the Holy Ghost you’re not going to get to the rest of the doctrines. The first doctrine of salvation means being born again into the the kingdom! How?

  1.  Believe Jesus Christ is coming back for his church
  2. Repent  the doctrine of separating yourself from sin and those who commit such.
  3. Be Baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and wash away the sins of your past.
  4. Receive the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues as the spirit gives you the utterance. This is where your empowerment comes from and grace begins in your life.

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