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Concerning Simple Faith. I remember when I was younger. Someone showed me a video about the new world order. Based on what I know today. There was nothing offered in replace of my fear. And when there is no exchange for some that could have turned into self inflicted devastation. I am thankful that wasn’t the case for me.

I was born July 19th 1983. And I was removed from my home due to my mother getting strung out on drugs multiple times. At different times. This eventually led to me being placed in group homes and state run institutions. Until I landed in my foster home at the tail end of 1997. Life was full of instability until my last foster home. When I became of legal age the instability started right back up  again. 

The main purpose is to share with you somethings to better help you understand who I am where I came from and how I got my start. Just to give you an idea of who it is that you’re dealing with. All in hopefulness to offer some help if you’re able to find it through this avenue. You can see my full story by Clicking Here


  1. […] A box set of scriptures is one of the most common ways to deceive or be deceived. When you’re listening to anything that is supposed to be considered the word of God. It is imparative that you listen beyond the sound. The verses used here Luke 24:45 John 8:32 John 8:36 […]

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