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What You'll Learn

The Holy Scriptures "sacred text" (aka) The Holy Bible "sacred book" The word Bible comes from the Latin word biblia which means book. Is the final authority for all of humanity regardless if humanity acknowledges that to accept what is in it to obey it to be saved.

The scriptures are rich and contain overwhelming substance:

You are either with the scriptures or you're not! If you are there is much to discuss! If not there is nothing to discuss! Trust and confidence in all of the scriptures is the only guarantee that humanity has to be saved at the end of time.


The final authority for all of humanity. 


God's only plan that exist for salvation for all of humanity.


Men God chose, and delegated his authority to. 


The assembly of God's people.


Creator of heaven and earth


The way of God. 

Doctrine simply means teaching. There are many different doctrines known and unknown. All Holy Doctrines come directly from God himself. The only way we know that it comes from God it will not contradict what is written in the Holy Scriptures. The first Doctine that humanity should be seeking is the DOCTRINE OF SALVATION. Being born again of the water and spirit according to John 3:5 is the entrance to God's kingdom. For the common majority this does require a lot for this to happen. It's the way God designed it. 

About The Founder

You need God, you need God's authorized personnel in your life. In addition to teaching you the truth of the scriptures. The ultimate goal and plan is to get you to an assembly that has not abandoned the fundamentals of the Holy Scriptures. If we can find you an assembly close to you awesome if not at least come here and visit ours. We want to give you the best possible chance of being saved before time ends.

Let's Study & Discuss The Scriptures

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